Sunday, November 6, 2011



a poem about a well loved yarn site with forum boards and pattern data base

Ravelry is a safe place
where we can share our love

we are crafters who make great things
creations to be proud of

if ever a thing existed in the world
rav will have a cozy

and you can find hundreds of socks
to warm your little tosies

shawls for your shoulders
and cowls for your neck

and when you get stuck
you can just ask a tech

rav is a place
where friendliness surrounds

with an amazing code monkey
who’s talents abound

we all love rav
as you can see

But It’s OK
you can click my disagree ♥

November 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

random thoughts of wisdom and other randomness

So I have been told I should write these things down. Figured here is as good a place as any. I will add to and update this as needed.

-Never expect more out of people than they regularly give and you will be much less likely to be disappointing when they prove again that they are who they are. And you might be pleasantly suprised when they do act out of character.

If someone is a jerk and has always been a jerk and you hope beyond hope that they will not be a jerk. You will likely be hurt when they, in fact, are a jerk.

- My Mohter was never there for me. My parents divorced when I was very little and could not remember. So I never expected her to be the mother she never was.

- Once I was accused of trying to get my parents back together. My reply was "Don't you think I realized they got divorced for a reason?"

- I once dated a guy who turned out to be gay. People are often amazed that I would admit this. But I just remind them that "It's not like I had anything to do with it, I just wasn't man enough for him."

- I'm perfectly normal by my own standards... and they change as needed!

- I was born with a happy disposition, I may not always know why... but it works for me!

- If you are any sort of happy with your life right now and you had really bad parents. You cannot hate them 100%, maybe 99.9% but not a full 100% because if nothing else, had it not been for them you would not be here.

- I can grantee you with the utmost certainty that if you never try to do something new you have a 100% chance of never doing it.

- If nobody ever did anything for the 1st time... nothing would ever get done.

- I may be broken, but you can't make a mosaic out of anything that's still in one piece.

- Be true to yourself. Don't change who you are to attract the "right person". It's better to be true than trapped with someone who's in love with who you aren't.

- Fake it till you make it
What this means is if you want to change, change is hard. Change I awkward. Change is vanurable. But the more you do it the more natural it will become.

If you want to change, you have to step out of your comfort zone and create a new one.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When I get old

*this is not done yet

Some day I will be old and gray,
Maybe I'll walk with a cane
I hope I laugh and carry on
with that humor age allows

some day I will be old and gray,
Telling people about yesterday
and when my family comes to me
Oh what fun those times will be

Some day I'll be old and gray
sitting on the porch one day

Friday, March 5, 2010


Just another work in progess. maybe never to be finished.

two paths once crossed
a life was made
two paths went on their separate ways

So many years of life has gone
so many years that life has grown

Our separate ways that we went
so little did I know
later we would meet

13 years I kept my word
let you go

Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcome to my house

Welcome to my house
Enjoy the food I make
Sit and laugh and sip some wine
Have a piece of cake

In my home you are my guest
I enjoy your company
I welcome you into my home
To make pleasant memories.

After the food is all but gone
And the night comes to a close
I will clean up after you leave
So pleas do not oppose

Your company is more important
Than making the kitchen shine
So this pleasant evening was my gift to you
I hope you had a good time

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Laugh a tear

My Dad thought of this one and considered it unfinished and "gave" it to me to see if I could finish it. But IMO it doesn't have to be longer to be finished so I consider what he gave me to be plenty to complete it. Every time I tried to add more to it, it just seemed wrong.

Laugh a tear,
Smile a frown,
Man was meant to be a clown.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Found my disk

I have found my disk of poetry and have just posed all that was on it here. Most have a date at the end and they are in random order. Some date back to elementary and then through my troubled years as a teen. So if anything seems out of character for who I am today, note the year it was actually written and it is a snapshot into my head at that moment.

I just quickly put each one up here but will be going back through to give a little background where I can.

As a rough guideline to the years which may help to understand what was going on at that point...

1976 I was born
1979? parents divorced (Dad got custody, Mom went her own way)
1985 Dad remarried
1993 finally gave up drugs due to a life scare from a particularly bad detox experience
1994 dropped out of HS this year
1996 Moved to AZ after being broken up with by my ex-fiance (we broke up the week I was to pick out my dress)
1997 Had my DD
1998 Lived in a shelter for a couple months with my baby after my Mom put us out
1999 Moved back to MI
2002 got married
2004 had my 1st son
2006 had my 2nd son
2010 Came out as a atheist to non-family



So tired I am today
I've worked the night away
Sixty hours
Brings home the dollars
But pay-day's a week away

May 2002



Slowly through time,
I built myself a wall.
Each brick I laid,
Was made with pain.
Each brick I laid,
Was sealed with fear.
Soon it rose so high,
No one could reach me inside.
Then I thought,
I was truly happy.
But I would not, could not admit,
That deep inside I was truly lonely.
No one could see the pain I felt,
When hidden behind my wall.
I created my own world,
Feeling criticized by all.
I was afraid of what would happen,
If I allowed my wall to fall.
All I wanted was someone to talk to,
Someone I could trust.
For the first time,
I reached out for help.
I allowed people into my world,
And learned to walk in theirs.
Accepting help, I learned to deal with the pain,
Accept the fear.
I found happiness,
Then destroyed my wall.

August 1993



Look inside
You'll fond yourself
The self you hide
To hide yourself
Is to cheat your self
Know who you are
If you think you are full of fear
You’ll find your strength
If you think you’re strong
You’ll find your weakness
If you’re full of hate
You’ll find love
On the surface you’re only half
Deep inside you’re only half
Two halves is one whole
Bond yourself with yourself
To fear one half
Is to fear your self
Half of self is nothing
Everything can control nothing
When you become whole
You have a balance
You have found your true self
You can love, live, laugh, and cry
Believe in your self
And others will believe in you

November 1995



You got what you wanted
You despise what you have
Now what you want
Is to...
Blame it on society!

You cut like a knife
Infecting the blood
You do this for hate
And you...
Do it to society!

The thoughts in your head
Fester till you can't see
You say there will be death
It will be...
Death to our society!

Choice of murder and hate
Blood spilled by all
sooner or later
We will be...
Extinct in our society!

Friendliness away from me
Hatred we will only see
Death to all society!
Extinct? We will surly be
Life draining away from me
Is this the future of society?
Get this away from me
For this is the future of society
To the future of society!




When I look at you,
You mimic me.
When I smile,
You smile.
When I cry,
You cry.
When I laugh,
You laugh.
You are not the you
I used to know.
You are different from the you,
I grew to know.
I'm trying to figure you out,
For you will be with me until I die.
As I turn to walk away,
You walk away.
I quickly turn my head to see you,
And you are looking back at me.
I may never figure you out,
The you in my mirror.

May 1997


This poem was written to my Grandmother and I gave it to her along with this afghan which is made of 30 squares.


A dozen roses,
Could not give thanks,
For the love that you have given.

Yet a single rose,
So pure and sweet,
Wilts shortly after it's given.

You may dry the rose,
To a delicate state,
And display it on the wall.

An untouchable memory,
That surly will crumble,
If ever it were to fall.

So this special gift,
I give to you,
Designed with love and care.

From granddaughter to grandmother,
Thirty roses,
You may display them anywhere!

May 1999



Laughing, joking, playing
Why is it so hard for some
Elephant ears, lemon aide, overpriced pizza
To many feel they are to busy
Butterflies in the stomach, going round and round, can we do it again?
Some find it to be childish, they are to old for this
Bumper cars, Tilt-O-Whirl, the zipper
you're never to old to ride the caterpillar roller coaster with a child!



I will not cry,
for I am strong!
I will not share,
the secrets are mine!
I will not laugh,
the pleasures are mine!
I will not sing,
songs are cheap!
I will not love,
love is weak!

If I do not cry,
am I weak?
If I do not share,
will the secrets sleep?
If I do not laugh,
will the pleasures be pain?
If I do not sing,
will my spirit weep?
If I do not love,
will I be a void?

Oct. 1996
Rachel Ann Zimmer



How many faces can you hide?
How many lies do you keep inside?
How much guilt can you hold?
You know some day you will explode!
You are in distress
Your mind is a mess
You have nowhere to go,
You're falling down an endless hole.
This started out as a game;
Your life will never be the same.
On this planet you have not right
Your life has been one long fight.
You are fighting for what's unknown,
Though in your mind you're all alone.
Ignorance has mothered all mankind,
Justice and sanity you cannot find.
In the dark you're fears come true,
They chase you when there’s nothing to do.
You lived your life your own way;
You regret it to this very day.




We are all individual rays of light,
Shining bright,
In this sometimes dark world.
And when we are together,
It is truly A great feeling,
That would be hard for anyone to ignore.

April 2002



Silently I sit,
Quietly watching you suffer.
I see your pain,
Inflicted by an uncaring lover.
I can say no words;
Your ears are deaf.
If you do not see,
There will be nothing left.
The way I feel,
You'll never know.
As you are hurt,
My suffering will grow.
You close your eyes;
I see what's ahead.
The suffering you allow,
Will destroy your head.
If your spirit breaks,
I will cry for you.
If your heart breaks,
I will love for you.
If your soul dies,
I will....

April 1997
Rachel Ann Zimmer



Each persons life's a novel,
It's over when they die.
Our maker has the paper,
And the tools to write.
Only he knows how long the book is,
And the number of chapters inside.
He knows the plot and ending,
And how many pages it hides.
Through life we will discover,
His will to be uncovered.
For he gives us what we need,
To discover the story he wrote.


My Child

I stand above you
Watching you sleep
I gently move the strands of hair
Form your innocent face

Loving you from deep within my heart
I gently stroke your soft cheek
So grateful I feel
To be your mother

I pull up the covers
To make sure you are warm
I bend to kiss your forehead
And softly whisper "I love you"

Some day you will have a family
And then the soft touches
Gentle kiss and "I love you's"
Will be passed on to another generation.

Mar. 2002
Rachel Ann Gough



Little boxes
All in a row.
Little boxes,
Tied with a bow.

Little boxes,
Velvet outside.
Little boxes,
Satin lined.

Little boxes,
Rings they hide.
Little boxes,
For your bride.

July 2, 2002



The sun gives warmth,
Warmth for growth.
The rain give water,
Water for soil.
The wind blows seeds,
Seeds of life.

If we do not smile,
We are cold.
If we do not cry,
Our foundation is dry.
If we do not talk,
The message is dead.



Freedom to think,
Freedom to live,
Freedom to be.

Walking down the street
People expect these things,
Without thought as to where they come.

The right to listen to what you want,
The right to speak what you feel,
The right to be with whom you love.

Some will never feel this freedom,
Some will never know these rights,
Some will never understand.

The love of your country,
The love for your brother,
The love for your god.

Some may stand up for pride,
Some may stand for respect,
Many will stand for freedom.

To those who do not stand,
To those who do not know,
May our message not be lost.

May 2002


I remember writing this one in elementary


To fly is to be free,
To soar about endlessly.
To wander through the clear blue sky,
To see the world from up high.
To see life for what it's worth,
Looking down so far from Earth.
From such a great height,
We are neither black nor white.
So let your mind soar,
You will learn so much more!


Actually inspired by a peanut-butter pie which is so rich!


Stomach rumbles in anticipation
I wait patiently till I can have some
Mouth watering, stomach aching
Is it time?
I slowly cut through
Respecting the delicious concoction
Feeling the knife reach the bottom and slide
Pause for a second
Gently move the fork under the piece
Carefully lifting it out of the pan onto the dish
I press the side of the fork into the creamy smoothness
Bring it to my mouth
Yet another pause
I close my eyes
Flavor explodes
So rich as it fills my mouth
I savor every last moment
I hold it in my mouth
Every taste bud is borough to life
Slowly it melts away
I take another piece and do the same
Only small bites
I must make it last

June 3, 2002