Thursday, September 3, 2009

Found my disk

I have found my disk of poetry and have just posed all that was on it here. Most have a date at the end and they are in random order. Some date back to elementary and then through my troubled years as a teen. So if anything seems out of character for who I am today, note the year it was actually written and it is a snapshot into my head at that moment.

I just quickly put each one up here but will be going back through to give a little background where I can.

As a rough guideline to the years which may help to understand what was going on at that point...

1976 I was born
1979? parents divorced (Dad got custody, Mom went her own way)
1985 Dad remarried
1993 finally gave up drugs due to a life scare from a particularly bad detox experience
1994 dropped out of HS this year
1996 Moved to AZ after being broken up with by my ex-fiance (we broke up the week I was to pick out my dress)
1997 Had my DD
1998 Lived in a shelter for a couple months with my baby after my Mom put us out
1999 Moved back to MI
2002 got married
2004 had my 1st son
2006 had my 2nd son
2010 Came out as a atheist to non-family

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