Thursday, September 3, 2009

5,000 FEET

This was about my 1st skydiving experience. We went static line (meaning the shoot is pulled automatically when you leave the plane).

5,000 FEET

5,000 feet
The door swings open
The wind rushes in
Sitting, legs over the edge
Step out, hold on
hanging under the wing
Look up, let go
Arms and legs spread wide
You only here the wind
Floating through the air
The cord is pulled
A colorful canopy opens above
The earth is so far away
Tiny specks dot the ground
Break left
Break right
Swinging and spinning
Am I really here
The ground gets closer
The trees get bigger
1,000 feet
find your spot
Soft left
Soft right
Only tiny adjustments
500 feet
Knees bent
watch the horizon
50 feet
Get ready
20 feet
0 feet
The ride is over
Collect the shoot
Walk back
Gear up again


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