Thursday, September 3, 2009



Slowly through time,
I built myself a wall.
Each brick I laid,
Was made with pain.
Each brick I laid,
Was sealed with fear.
Soon it rose so high,
No one could reach me inside.
Then I thought,
I was truly happy.
But I would not, could not admit,
That deep inside I was truly lonely.
No one could see the pain I felt,
When hidden behind my wall.
I created my own world,
Feeling criticized by all.
I was afraid of what would happen,
If I allowed my wall to fall.
All I wanted was someone to talk to,
Someone I could trust.
For the first time,
I reached out for help.
I allowed people into my world,
And learned to walk in theirs.
Accepting help, I learned to deal with the pain,
Accept the fear.
I found happiness,
Then destroyed my wall.

August 1993

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Jojo said...

I love poems of triumph...I love roller coasters for the same reason. :)

Been there done, that....the wall is a self assigned prison meant to keep others out, but in reality it kept us in.

My wall came down when I realized at 18 that I spent so much effort trying to fit in that I dint know who I was. I spent the next 15 years finding myself.