Sunday, November 6, 2011



a poem about a well loved yarn site with forum boards and pattern data base

Ravelry is a safe place
where we can share our love

we are crafters who make great things
creations to be proud of

if ever a thing existed in the world
rav will have a cozy

and you can find hundreds of socks
to warm your little tosies

shawls for your shoulders
and cowls for your neck

and when you get stuck
you can just ask a tech

rav is a place
where friendliness surrounds

with an amazing code monkey
who’s talents abound

we all love rav
as you can see

But It’s OK
you can click my disagree ♥

November 2011

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Anonymous said...

So true! Ravelry is the most awesome place on the web!

I am exploring writing about my fiber arts too

Here is a haiku about spinning

Spinner’s Haiku
JoAnne Bemis 4/2013

Just finished spinning
reel yarn on niddy noddy
Rewinding journey

info: when unwinding the yarn, a spinner goes through every moment of the journey in spinning the yarn on rewind.

Thanks for your link,